Through a modern software, Asia Logistics is directly linked to the customs so as to ensure that your transfer order runs smoothly. Documents and papers are checked by our IT system and by us through years of experience to the smallest detail. This has so far led to the highest satisfaction of our customers


Complete import customs clearance and export customs clearance is organized by us and carried out so that you can send your goods to your destination without any problems.

Through our customs clearance and the accompanying fiscal representation, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the turnover tax on imports as a cash-flow advantage. We take care of all customs documentation. You can speed up your transport process optimally.

Everyone has the possibility to temporarily store their goods in the customs warehouse. At Asia Logistics, we undertake the organization and storage of your goods in the customs warehouse of type A and B.

In the customs procedures, we carry out the inward or outward processing for export or import. In order to ensure that the goods quickly pass from one customs office to another we fill in and print out a TI (transit document) for you so nothing stands in the way of transport.

Everything at a glance:

• Import customs clearance

• Export clearance

• Fiscal customs

• Transit document T1

• Veterinary inspection

• Customs warehouse

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