Across all borders – goods by rail from and to Asia

With few exceptions, the personal travel compering to international freight transport by train showed up in recent decades rather in a deep sleep, and has largely only national importance and even this is limited primarily to certain groups of goods. In the single European transport perfectly developed infrastructure of road with a dense transport network. A non competitor and border the continents freight it is shipping, which dominates the logistical part of the trade. This is due to at least partially made up of two factors that were overweight in the past than today. Read More

FOB vs. CIF – confusion with the China

Import Service Fee (CISF FEE)

In international cargo transport, there exists many rules, regulations and laws whose origins are to be found in the countries concerned. The Incoterms, international trade clauses should facilitate trade and the transport of goods between two participating business partners of different countries. These provisions are to be complied with to ensure a simplification of contracts, the Incoterms FOB and CIF play a major role especially in the maritime domain. Read More

The skillful trade with, ‘Middle State’

The PRC, colloquially abbreviated to China is also often referred to as the Middle State. The origin of this is the Shang Dynasty from the years 1700 to 1100 BC. The direct control by the kings of this dynasty territory was a political, economic and cultural center and the seat of the central power; regardless of how many more principalities there were. Their respective prince was granted land and titles by the King of the Shang Dynasty. The Kings of the Shang Dynasty were also geographically situated in the center of the country. The term Middle State served mainly geographic scope to all the other, mostly smaller principalities. Today the whole of China is known as the Middle State and is one of the most important trade partners for German entrepreneurs.

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